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My friends.

If you are visiting my page for the first time, thank you for your attention. If we are old friends, welcome back. 

I am an amateur writer, but right now I have no words. Getting featured in front of many millions of users for those stories I write before sleeping, sipping my tea, wasn't even in my wildest dreams. It wasn't, until it happened. Twice. Not so long ago I was a random writer from Italy, and today I get my second DD in my folder.

Compared to my quiet fanwriting routine - the whole wonderful process of thought, analysis, typing and posting, surrounded by few readers and faithful friends - this is a dazzling change. It's not just pleasant; it's a mix of many, many emotions. It's completely different, for one. It's the feeling of incredulous wonder that something absolutely out of your habits happens. It's the feeling of being read, observed and shared by an incredible number of people your usual routine isn't even a small fragment of. It's new, unreal.

One of the things I love the most is going to and checking on the countries my readers come from. In spite of all the years I have spent on the Internet, being able to share my thoughts and my writing with people all around the world still is a miracle to me. I love how we are able to feel closer to each other, to share the pains and the joys our world gives us, and I love being able to learn about what is wrong, to correct it, to become a better person in a better society.

This Sunday, close to its end in my small and saddened country, was a much brighter day than usual thanks to this joy. Thanks for giving me courage and happiness, thank you for your time. Thank you all.
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SenorSensay Mar 6, 2014  New member Student Artist
I love your writing :) very intelligent.
altair-creed Sep 9, 2013  Professional Writer

long time no see, my DA friend

how you been?

Hey there! Thank you so much for saying hello!

Well, my life basically changed in just two years. Family, studies, money... the whole situation was different than I thought and I had to work hard to come to terms with it. Now, luckily, we are all starting anew.

I'm having entry tests this week, and I hope to pass, because if I do I'll be able to do my dream job in five years. I cross my fingers!

Thanks again!
altair-creed Sep 11, 2013  Professional Writer
so what's the dream job then?
I apologize for the delay! I finished the tests on Friday and I was busy in my home.

I am trying to become an art restorer; to be more specific, I'd take care of paintings, both on canvas and wooden boards. I really hope I can succeed. :)
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Welcome to :iconaddicted2portals:! :)
You're welcome, mate! ;)
Shu-Maat Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Buon compleanno cara!! Un abbraccione, festeggia bene!! ^___^
Grazieee X3 *abbraccia forte*
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