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Hello, friends!

I opened this account more than four years ago, to read and write Assassin's Creed fanfiction. I certainly didn't expect it to become such an important part of my life. So many new friends, talented artists, readers have entered my life; and I have had the honour of a Daily Deviation twice. It is an emotion I will never forget.

Out of all the websites where I post my works, deviantART is certainly my favourite. This is where I found the most chances to exchange opinions, to make my writing known and find others' works - even more than Tumblr, where it gets lost in the endless dashboards we all have. :D

I've been wanting to give special thanks to several people for a while now, and my 20k pageviews just seemed like the perfect chance. :)

First off, there is a group of Deviants I want to thank sincerely. You are the ones who follow my updates regularly, who never miss a single story; I smile when I see your notifications, and even in the case we have never talked I always recognize your names as familiar. You all mean so much to me, and your support is always appreciated. I send you all a big hug!

Keta97 CalumTraveler HBCfanAlex Caroline1539 MysticDarkBlueMelody marcelmiranda 

There is a (more or less) new group of friends I found here recently. All of it, thanks to iammemyself. Being the amazing writer she is, she gives me the honour of liking my stories so much I can barely believe it. Your support always makes me happier than I could ever tell, and I am so glad for all our comments, discussions and chats. Thank you for being a dear friend and a dear reader of mine. :heart: So thank you Khateley, you are so nice and lively, and thank you Blueeyesgirl3 and Portaltyg! It was so nice to meet you all. :hug:

For my Daily Deviations, to SingingFlames and DecepticonFlamewar: thank you for giving me this opportunity. I don't know if I deserve it, but, in any case, it was unforgettable. :heart:

Thank you, Th00z, for many things. Thank you for loving my writing so much and accepting me in your group as a Contributor. It is a great honour to be part of the staff. Also, thank you for the features, and the wonderful base you added to my version of Cara Mia. I am glad to consider you a friend, and I'll make sure to enrich Addicted2Portals with my activity.

Last but not least: my dear Portal friends, and all the friends I met in a fandom. Although most of you follow me via Tumblr and talk to me daily, I'd never waste a chance to thank you for your company and your brilliant minds. Thank you for being alive, for making this place a better world with your existence and your efforts.

Alavesa BabyCharmander doubleleaf InfectiousCordyceps Iturbide Jenovaii KiwiKiwi3 kojum laughingpineapple K-Leafy Skull-the-Kid SlanSoulblaze tiamatrouge plus Yumi, Shapeform, sads, Ember, and anyone else that I can't mention here. <3

Thank you, everyone - watchers, friends, readers, writers, artists. You make my life better daily, even though we may never meet in our lives. 

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